We have a whole lot of this in our home…

We sure have a whole lot of forgiveness in our house. We are so in need of the Gospel. Of His forgiveness. 

I think sometimes we can get this image in our heads that other families have it all together – that there is only stillness and perfection and peace. 

But, when you put a whole bunch of humans in a house who fall short, that’s just not the case. Yes, there can be a whole lot more peace when we have Jesus connecting us and when we seek Him. But, let’s not be fooled to think that as humans, we will arrive to perfection here. There is something very freeing about that, isn’t there?

That we don’t have to have it all together and act perfectly – We are forgiven.

That we don’t have to have all the answers – Jesus is it. 

That there is grace when we misstep – Bountiful grace.

That as we seek Him we will become more like Him – Redemption.

All because of Jesus. 

In our imperfections, when voices are raised, when we let rude comments leave our lips, when tones are anything but kind, when we haven’t given one of our children the attention they need but have been absorbed with other things, one of the very best things we can do is point our kids (and ourselves) to the Gospel and to our need for Jesus, by simply asking for forgiveness. 

I think that is one of the reasons God prizes humility so dearly. It shows our great need for him.

In pride, we think we have it all together and don’t see our need for Him as clearly.

In humility, we see the gaping need we have for Him, our imperfections glaring, His forgiveness beckoning us and redeeming us a moment at a time. Helping us to start over. 

When our kids also reach out to us in humility, saying their sorry, let’s not forget to also forgive them, giving them the same grace God has given us. 

Jesus took it all for us on the cross that day. All our sin. We are forgiven in Him when we believe in Him. That is why Paul said in Galatians 5: “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” Galatians 5:1 

One of the beautiful parts about it all, is when we come and bring our hearts, unveiled before the Lord, raw and open, He will begin transforming them to be more like His. 

That will bring more peace and joy. But, when we do fall short, as we all do and will, let us be quick to ask for forgiveness, to forgive, and to have a whole lot of love and forgiveness in our homes.



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