A Good Routine this Fall

God, let me never quench my kids’ creativity. Even though I’m hurdling and ducking under ropes and lights to vacuum, my kids are getting older, and when I see these moments of creativity still, like making a balloon volleyball court out of lights, bricks, an old crib mattress, haha! and all the rest, it’s just awesome.

They teach me about the opportunity I have to enjoy, to relax, and to still have fun. Life is so hard sometimes, and it can be so easy to sit in that. Sometimes we need to. But let’s not forget to come up for air, and to enjoy the silly, the fun, the simple things of life too, like made-up volleyball courts, blasting music when we’re finally getting around to vacuuming, being goofy with our kids, and just talking with them and enjoying them.


If you’re looking for a fun devotional about women in the Bible to do with your 6-10 year old daughter, you can find my book at the following places (and soon to be at Mardel’s Bookstore!): Amazon,  Barnes & Noble,  ChristianBook.com,  Books-A-Million,  Target,  &  Focus on the Family

How the book works:
☀️Read 1 story a week
☀️Focus on the “Words for your Heart” verse that week
☀️You have all week to do the simple “Daughters in Action” prompt & “Creative Fun” Activity which help you connect with your daughter. ❤️

It’s a 40-week devotional you can do at your own pace. You can pick and choose which activities you’d like to do, do them all, or it can be a 40-Day Devotional if you don’t do the activities and only read the stories of women in the Bible. 

I love this sweet pic of a mom & daughter reading through my devotional book together. 😊 Now is a great time to get in a habit of seeking the Lord together! 



I pray that your week is led by the Lord, filled by Him, and that you are able to BE in today. And, I pray that the Lord meets you right where you are.



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