A Great Easter Activity!

This is a great practical activity for our kids to do from my Devotional to show them that we are forgiven of our sins through Jesus! Thank you, Lord!!! Happy Easter!!!❤️


I turned 44 a few days ago (34 at heart!). This is the first birthday without my dad here. I was so grateful to be able to celebrate with my three kids, Bates, Brooklyn, and Gracie, and my husband, Christian. I did miss so much hearing my dad’s words for the first time ever – “Happy Birthday, Linsey.” Those simple words. I know you’ve experienced your own difficult things – joy laced with sorrow. 

As our eyes are opened more and more to this world, don’t we see more and more of the pain here? And, also more and more of the joys here? Life on earth means carrying both.

I am constantly reminded that even though we might feel like settlers here, we’re not. We’re not meant to stay here. We are meant to be with Jesus forever. Peace forever. That will come one day. In the meantime, Lord, would you heal our hearts of the painful things that hurt. Would you open our eyes and hearts to love the sweet moments you pour into our laps? Show us how to carry both, the pain and the joys. Thank you that you always have done that very thing. Carried the pain and the joy together. Especially through giving Jesus for us – the pain in Jesus giving his life for us, & the joy of eternity that came the instant He was raised to life. The forever forgiveness, and pure joy that came with that. Oh God, thank you! We don’t take that for granted. Thank you that we can choose you, that we can enter Life with You by simply giving you our hearts. Oh we do, Lord. Help us in the meantime, Lord, to see your kingdom here, to weep with those who weep and to experience your kingdom, to rejoice with those who rejoice and to experience your kingdom, to let your love lead us, guide us, be in us, so your kingdom is here with us, a moment at a time. We love you, Lord. In Jesus’ Name, amen.



A Fun Way to Serve With Our Kids

My kids had a lot of fun doing the Creative Fun activity in chapter 8 from my Devotional about Deborah. The activity is to be a leader like Deborah was by planning a volunteer outreach and creating an invitation for your friends to join you! After we sorted clothes for the ministry, Families of Hope (they provide clothing to kids in foster care), my daughter decided to create a mermaid tail blanket for a girl who has to go into foster care. She cut the fabric and sewed it together with her sewing machine. It is so cool to see how the Lord prompts our hearts to love others as we take small steps in serving. Let’s encourage our kids to be leaders through loving and serving others. Here’s the invitation she created and the pics from it. If you do the Creative Fun activity with your kids, I’d love to hear about it too!




5 Creative Ways to Point our kids to Jesus

This was a recent article I had published in Christian Parenting Magazine!

1. “Sunday Serving Surprises”

I want my kids to help someone not because they have to but because they care about the person. “Sunday Serving Surprises” can make it second nature for our kids to love others. With your kids, come up with ways your family can love others, and write them on small slips of paper or notecards. 

Consider trying these ideas: Write notes about why a neighbor is awesome and put them in their mailbox or on their front door throughout the week (but don’t sign them, so you can encourage in secret!). 

Ask an elderly neighbor if they need help with yard work or simply visit with them. Leave a note for the mail carrier in the mailbox saying you appreciate them. Surprise family members throughout the week by helping them with chores—do all the dishes or make their beds. 

Bring first responders a poster thanking them for their service, along with a big batch of cookies. 

Put all the ideas in an envelope and continue adding new ideas as you think of them. Sunday night, hide one of the “Sunday Serving Surprise” slips under a family member’s dinner plate. 

Whoever has the slip gets to read the serving idea to do with the family that week and also gets to decide what dessert to have that night! The next Sunday, that person picks an idea from the envelope and hides it under someone else’s dinner plate, and so on. As our kids learn how to love others in practical ways, it will become a regular part of their lives. 

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Fun “Quiz” about Women in the Bible & Showing Our Kids Grace

My book was featured in the magazine, For Girls Like You, this month! It’s a fun “Quiz” with activities about 5 women in the Bible from my Devotional – see if you can guess who’s who! (Click on the Article below to make larger & zoom in so it is easier to read.)

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When one of our kids does something wrong, isn’t it easy to want to prolong their consequences? To continue giving them one after the other after the other?

My ten-year-old son said something very hurtful to his sister. I was surprised and very upset. I told him that out of the heart the mouth speaks, and that he needed to check his heart and what he’s been putting into it (something I can say to myself often as well!)

I gave him a few natural consequences that I felt got to the heart of things. After a while of being in his room, he came downstairs and asked for forgiveness from his sister and they worked it out.

She was watching a TV show and he wanted to join her. At first I said no, but then I thought, Wait! He already had several consequences – why I am dragging his forgiveness out. It’s been worked out.

I needed to show him how grace gives new opportunities and lets go of the wrong. The consequences had gotten to the heart of the issue. And, he was remorseful.

As parents, it can be quite easy to give consequence after consequence when we are so upset with our child. Don’t get me wrong, consequences are important, and some need to be big and some small. But, once they have had the consequence we decided upon, and we still harbor bitterness in our hearts toward them, that’s just hurtful to both of us.

What if God held onto every fault we had, every mistake we had, and disciplined us again and again and again for the same bad decision we had made? Eeks, we’d be disciplined constantly.

Our kids need to have a standing of grace and forgiveness and newness afterward, just like we have with God through Jesus.

As I was standing in the kitchen with my son and stirring the dinner, I changed my answer, and chose not to dish out more consequences. I gave him a hug, and I said, “You can watch the show. This is what grace looks like. You’ve had your consequence and now we’re moving on. You’re forgiven and I love you.”

I had a new mindset, and let go of what was said and looked forward.

I could see relief in his heart. He’s got such a great heart, but sometimes, he says or does hurtful things. I also try to love well, but I sure say and do hurtful things sometimes as well.

God, I am so thankful for the grace that comes with Jesus. I need it so much.

And, my kids need it so much.

We all need it so much.

I want my kids to experience what grace looks like. After they’ve done the wrong thing and had a consequence (or a simple redirection if that’s what’s needed), I want to show them what it looks like to move on, to do our best to forget and forgive, to give a clean slate, and then to call out goodness in them, to see goodness in them, and to see them through Jesus’ eyes.

Lord, help us do that. Help us to have wisdom in parenting, in giving consequences, and in loving our kids like you love us. Help us offer the beautiful, freeing, accepting, and redeeming grace you have so graciously given to us. In Jesus’ Name we ask this. Amen.

Today is a new day. Let’s start over and go love our kids and our families.




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