Good Friday & Easter Activity! ❤️

Hi, there! I’m sending this email early this week to share a wonderful Easter Activity you can do Friday. It’s from Courtney DeFeo’s book, “In this House We Will Giggle”:

1. Tie two sticks together to make a cross.
2. On Good Friday, you and your kiddos write down some of your sins- ways you have not loved God or others. Tape them on the cross (we taped them backwards to keep it between each of us & God).
3. Easter morning before your kids are awake, throw the papers away so they only see the cross.
4. This is a great visual to explain to our kids that when we believe in Jesus, we are forgiven of ALL our sins and can be with him forever. Jesus took our sins upon himself when he died on the cross. But the good news is that he rose three days later, giving us life now and forever with him! ❤️
Thank you, Lord! Happy Easter to each of you.



Jesus knew what awaited Him.

But He still rode into Jerusalem.

Jesus rode on, with crowds before and behind Him, shouting, “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.”

Jesus knew what awaited, yet he persevered.

Because of His love for us – His eyes set on things above.

Jesus knew the pain he would endure, yet, he rode on.

Even through the darkness, He rode on.

Jesus saw hope.

He knew the joy set before Him – the gift of Eternal Life that would come to all who call on Him through giving His life and rising that third day, so he rode on.

as we are in this place of waiting,
help us remember how Jesus waited.
How in darkness, uncertainty, and anguish,
Jesus turned his heart to you.
He set his eyes on you.
He set his mind on you.
And, He kept going. Lord, help us do that also.
Thank you, Jesus, for persevering, and that we can have life now and forever with You because of it.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

What a story to share with our children – when Jesus was in anguish, he prayed. And, he kept going because he “knew the joy set before Him.”