Not Saying, “I’m Sorry”, Again and Again

Many times after falling short with my kids, I’ve wanted to say, “I’m sorry”, over and over again, but I’ve been trying not to. I don’t want my kids to think they need to ask for forgiveness again and again to be forgiven.

Just before Jesus died and rose again, he said, “It is finished.” Not “It is halfway done”, but “It. Is. Finished.” The Lord COMPLETELY forgives us when we ask him to. It’s over. Done. Erased.

By not apologizing over and over to our kids about the same thing, we can SHOW them that once they ask for forgiveness for something, they are also fully forgiven. Period. It’s over. Done. Erased. No need to bring it up again.

The Beauty of Grace & Forgiveness.

An awesome quote to share with our kids:



Redoing your Day, Dancin’ Shoes, & Dishwasher Facials

Good morning! Here are three social media posts I made this past week. I wrote the first two, and the third one is by “Renewed Hope Parenting”. I hope they encourage you and that the third one gives you a laugh! Have a wonderful day!


What a story. With a strong wind, God swept the waters high. And Moses, Miriam, and Aaron, a BAND OF SIBLINGS, led the Israelites to safety, freedom, and victory.

Miriam celebrated by playing the tambourine and leading the women in SINGING & DANCING to praise the Lord.

When you see no way, look to the Lord. He lifted the waters high to make a way for the Israelites, and he will do the same for you. As Moses said, “You need only to be still.”

And, once you’ve made it through to the other side, grab your tambourine, get your dancin’ shoes on, and praise the Lord.


Thank God for Grace. I sure need it! When we fall short as a mom, as a dad, we can redo it. Tomorrow is a new day. Let’s embrace that gift of grace and give it to our kids. Beautiful Hearted Parenting: forgiving and being forgiven.