“Here is a true Israelite in whom there is nothing false.” Jesus

IMG_1071This is a great story to help our kids (and us) absorb the idea of being honest, that it’s okay to have questions, and that Jesus wants us to come to him.

Before traveling to Galilee, Jesus asked Phillip to follow him. Phillip found Nathaniel and told him they had found Jesus of Nazareth. Nathaniel was skeptical and asked, “What good could come from Nazareth?”. Phillip said, “Come and see.” In the midst of Nathaniel’s doubt, he chose to go, and he encountered Jesus.

With Nathaniel’s doubt, was honesty and vulnerability, and here was JESUS’ RESPONSE: “When Jesus saw Nathaniel approaching, he said, ‘HERE IS A TRUE ISRAELITE, IN WHOM THERE IS NOTHING FALSE.’”

Could you imagine Jesus saying of you: “Here is a true follower of me, in whom there is nothing false.” Lord, forgive us when we fall short and help us to be true followers of you – to be real and honest, and in the midst of doubt and questions, to choose faith. Please give our kids the wisdom to do the same. In Jesus’ Name, amen.


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