Overcoming One of my Greatest Fears during that Five Months in the NICU…


I poured my heart and soul into this article that was just published. It’s about overcoming one of my greatest fears during the five months our kids were in the NICU:

One of my greatest fears came April 19, 2011. That gnawing anxiety enslaved my mind and I couldn’t think clearly. It directed my thoughts, holding me captive.

Three weeks earlier, I went into premature labor at 29 weeks. The doctor grabbed my shoulders tight and said, “You’re having an emergency C-section in thirty minutes.” At 7:30pm, our triplets were born, averaging 2.5 pounds each.

As I looked through the incubators at their tiny bodies covered in tubes, I was in a daze, but also in awe over our three miracles.

On April 19th, the doctor told us that our daughter, Brooklyn, had contracted a life-threatening infection that was rapidly killing her intestine. At three pounds, three weeks old, she would need surgery to remove the infected segment of intestine.

The fear that I was to blame tiptoed through my mind.

My hands pressed against the incubator windows, connecting with her in any way I could, as she lay there with a swelled belly, helpless. I sang, “I love you, Lord” over her every single day, again and again. I didn’t know what else to do. {To continue reading: Mom Goes into Labor at 29-Weeks — 7 Years Later Her Story of Trial & Triumph Will Leave You Breathless

“Come to Me.” Jesus

With all the flooding, hurricanes, remembering 9/11, and all else going on, I am reminded of these words Jesus said in a loud voice: “ANYONE who is thirsty, come to ME and drink so living water can flow from within you.” However these different events have affected you, I pray that you can find encouragement and hope from the fountain of living water that never runs out. Let’s show our kids how to seek the Lord during these times, so that when they face difficulties, they will also seek His face.
If you have a couple minutes, listen to the song, “Testify,” by Needtobreathe. It reminds me of this verse and refreshes the soul. Here’s a link to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDcYsyx2mCg